The Boat

I fish a Maverick Mirage HPX. Quite simply, it's the Cadillac of flats fishing skiffs. It provides a dry and comfortable ride under power, and a very stable casting platform on the flats. This HPXV (the V stands for V hull) allows me to cross big water to get to where the fish are, like a run to the Marquesas out of Key West. For my Lower Keys flats fishing charter trips, this boat can get to spots that require going across deep water that lesser skiffs cannot. My Maverick performs unfailingly.

This boat can sneak into super skinny water with a minimum of noise. The Maverick's legendary design can stealthily sneak up on fish to put you in casting range of the tarpon, permit, or bonefish of your dreams. It's equipped with all the electronics and safety equipment needed for a safe and successful day on the water including all Coast Guard required equipment and GPS. It provides ample rod storage below deck for all of my rods and reels and yours, if you'd like to bring them. It will carry two adults, or I can take three passengers if one is a child or lighter weight passengers. It has plenty of dry storage space for your camera or anything that needs to be kept dry. I provide a cooler full of ice for your food and beverage needs so you don't need to worry about bringing a cooler.

I run on a Yahama 70. It allows me to get to the flats quickly and reliably. From flats fishing in Key West and the Marquesas to Big Pine Key and Marathon, this boat performs in all conditions. I've fished many skiffs, but for stability, comfort, and power, nothing compares to a Maverick for the best flats fishing performance. Their logo sums it up nicely: "Maverick, Fish the Legend".